David and Melodee Staggers shared the following: (PDF format)
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It was good to be with you and Dr. Jay again last Sunday. There were several stories being shared afterward of science teachers and others who were there who are now reconsidering their position on evolution. It was also encouraging for our young people who are hearing evolution in school and creation at church/home and trying to sort it all out. One freshman young lady expressed that for the first time she could believe that dinosaurs really did exist.Please pencil us in for September 25th. Thanks for all you are doing for the Kingdom
Mr. All Michael

THANKS a million for coming to Missouri and blessing us with your time, wisdom, passion for our LORD, and creation resources. God is using you all in a mighty way and we praise him that we got to see it all firsthand this past weekend.

There are so many blessings from this past weekend that makes me think of Moses having to cover his face after being with the Lord on the mountain and having to cover his face because his face lost its shine over time. I have been telling people that we had a mountaintop experience. We are still smiling with joy over it all and meditating on all the things we learned.

May our LORD help us all to wrestle with Him and strive to serve Him till we meet Him in Glory.
LOVE you all dearly and you are in our prayers. It is going to be a JOY to see what He has planned for the future.
In Christ, Ann Ihms


Jeff Cardwell, President Cardwell Do-it Best Home Center wrote:
I will spread the word. It was so good to connect with you earlier today. Thank you for all you do to serve others. You are an inspiration to us all.

Pastor Mike Johnson wrote:

The Creation Expo Revival at our church was a tremendous blessing. Dr. Jay Wile was used of the Lord mightily to teach the truths of Biblical Creation. Dr. Wile is a great teacher, and yet he is also a great servant. He really extended himself to the people- there was such sweet fellowship.

We met from Sunday morning to Wednesday night, and every day there was tremendous excitement and anticipation. The church was nearly filled to capacity. I was amazed on Tuesday night during a snow storm to see the church filled once again. I know the Revival was different than traditional meetings, but I believe God used it to strengthen and encourage this pastor and the people of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

I am grateful to Pastor Boyd, his wife and his staff for the Expo on the Road. I appreciated their sweet spirit and their encouragement. I highly recommend the Creation Expo to all pastors.

Freemont Sreet Baptist Church (Crawfordsvill, IN)
Thanks to you and your team for the good service this past Sunday. We found the presentation informative and presented in an easy to understand format. I have had several folks comment on the fact that they enjoyed the service. I appreciated the interaction with the team.

Pastor Rory Bond of Grace Baptist Church (Muncie, IN) wrote:
“I want to personally thank each and every one of you for the awesome presentation and hard work that went in to bring the Creation Evidence Expo to our congregation here in Muncie! Our people absolutely loved each service and were excited to bring their friends and co-workers out to listen. CEE is doing an exceptional job at getting the word out that the Bible is God-s absolute Truth. Thank you for your friendship and co-labor in the Lord. We’ll keep praying for the ministry that is so needed in our day!”

Elizabeth Ann Linton shared the following: (PDF format)
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Pastor Rick Arrowood Crosspointe Baptist Church wrote:
Brother Boyd,I appreciate the good job you and the Creation Expo does with getting the truth out about the biblical account of creation. You have been a blessing to a lot of the brethren in Indiana and in the IFBF.

Faith Baptist Church wrote:
Thank you for sharing God’s Word concerning the truth of Creation rather than Evolution. We pray that God will continue to bless you in His service. Please use the attached gift in any way to help support your ministry. Love in Christ.

Dear Pastor Boyd:

I am sorry for the misunderstanding with the email address. My correct email is jorge.rivera40@upr.edu.

I am very interested in having you at University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) talking about the creation viewpoint to our faculty and students. UPRM is one of eleven campuses that form the University of Puerto Rico public system. Our campus has over 11,000 students enrolled in four different academic deanships (Agricultural Sciences, Art and Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering).

As most public systems, religion is a taboo. I myself have been accused of being a Christian (which I thanks the Lord they have notice it) and discriminate against non-Christian groups, which, of course, is not true. On the contrary, I have authorized more non-Christian activities than Christian itself, but that doesn’t count for them. I tell you this just to let you know what you will confront at UPRM. But I guess you are already used to that.

The conference has to be invited to by students or faculty. I guess our best shot is getting the students involved. We have several student Christian groups which I can talk to and have them participate. I’ll need your organization contact information to get this started. Printed material will be helpful.

I serve the Lord Jesus Christ at the Mayaguez Fundamental Baptist Church as an elder-pastor. I share this responsibility with Pastor Franqui, whom is a full time pastor. Our church is a small church but very friendly and charitable. I am sure we can arrange something for your staying. I’ll try to call you, but can’t assure it since my extremely busy schedule. Emailing is OK as well as cell texting.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Sincerely in Christ

Jorge Rivera