Panama 2017

Hello Friends of Creation Expo

The Creation Expo Team went to Panama from August 5-11, 2017. The included Dr. Willie E. Dye, Jesse Taylor Asst CEE International Director, Pastor Rick Olivera, and Pastor Fredrick W. Boyd, Jr. Senior Executive Director and International Director. We landed in the Panama City Airport and Started work with a Church Service Scheduled. The week went full scale of work in Churches, Schools, and one University. Here is the totals for our week of sharing the evidence of Creation. Remember there is evidence that prove Genesis 1:1 is true. We will include pictures with this report. Dr. Willie E. Dye did all of the presentations which were great.

  • School Children 2,052
  • Churches 262
  • University 38
  • Teachers 28
  • Grand Totals 2,380

I always thank the Lord for what he allows us to do and the Pastors learned so much in a short period of time that we are going back in 2018. The dates will be April 28-May 5, 2018 Stay tune for there will be more to come.
See the following pictures from Panama: