Fiji 2017

The miracle was greater than we expected! . I just returned from Fiji with a warm heart, and the enclosed pictures tell much of the story. We were scheduled to speak on Creation in many of the public schools in the larger cities. In the first photo I am standing before students in a secondary school (most of the schools were upper grades). I had on the podium two of the main works of Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern science. In the first volume he solved universal physics and attributed the creation to Almighty God; in the second volume he wrote on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, stating his faith in the Bible as the Word of God and Jesus as our Redeemer.

The second photo shows younger students praying to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. The third photo shows some of the students who prayed, holding high their personal copy of the 365-page Scripture Creation Devotional Book written by Professor Bruce Malone. Earlier we had presented a King James Bible to every student. (These Bibles open with the Plan of Salvation and Instruction in Christian Growth.) We then presented to each school Principal a computer Flashdrive that contained a printable Book on Creation Science and 354 PowerPoint Programs on Creation. Afterward, many of the school Principals asked our missionaries to return and teach a weekly Bible class in their school.

On two occasions we spoke to large groups of Teachers who are required to teach evolution, but wanted to know how to also teach Creation in their science classes.  Most of them believe in Creation, and they laid the foundation for our presentations. The fourth photo shows one of the groups of Teachers we addressed.

The last photo shows a class of science students praying to receive Christ as Savior.

Altogether, we spoke to over 15,000 students in 35 different schools, and led over 13,000 to pray aloud – confessing their sins and turning to Jesus Christ to save them.

While we were in Fiji we learned that the nation of Papua New Guinea heard of the results of giving a Bible to every school student and teacher. Their PNG government then adopted the King James Bible as the official book of the nation, and requested that a Bible be given to all their students and teachers. Now they are asking that we consider speaking to their assembled students in the schools and present the Gospel and the Scripture Creation Devotional Book. Pray that our Lord will give grace to meet each need, along with a Biblical discipleship program for the converts.

Speaking to Students using Sir Isaac Newton Books


Younger Students praying to receive Christ as Savior

Students Holding Scripture Creation Devotional Book

Teachers assembled to learn how to teach Creation in their schools

Science Students and Teachers praying to receive Christ as Savior