How Creation Expo is effecting our World for Christ

Pastor Fred Boyd:

Blood Brother, thank you so much for the special love offering for Christmas.

Here is the information you requested. 36 years ago I established the
First Baptist church in the history of Fiji and ordained the first Baptist pastor. Fiji is an island located in the opposite side on the globe from Jerusalem, at the uttermost parts of the earth. A few months ago some Independent Baptist pastors providentially met with the Prime Minister and volunteered to give a King James Bible to every school student in the entire nation. The Prime Minister agreed, to give these Bibles to all 269,000 students! The Bibles have now been distributed, along with an assembling of over 3,000 while we were there in the past three weeks. What a wonderful Christmas!

Dominican Republic Report 2015

Presenters: Dr. Jay Wile and Dr. Willie Dye

Students 723
Churches 1209
University Students 176

Grand Total of 2108

Dominican Republic 2014 Report

August 11-23, 2014
Mr. Bruce Malone, Presenter

Teachers instructed 90
Children instructed 740
Adults Instructed 1,275

34 souls were led to the Lord by Pastor Rick Olivera

Presented at 2 Universities – Santo Domingo – Santiago

80 university students in attendance

Presented to 50 high school students

High school students attended during the day and college students attended at night.

Presented in 3 cities – Santiago – Bani – Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic 2013 Report

2,300 people touched
6 schools
9 churches
200 videos
two new sponsors
1,600 miles travelled
Miles covered
Bani 120
Puerto Plata 440
Santiago 160
Luperon 120
Monte Llano 120La Romana 240
Consuelo 110
Higuey 140

Bruce Malone’s 2016 Dominican Republic Report

“Thank you for those who prayed for my Dominican trip last month. It was a packed trip with 12 talks over 6 days. The exciting part is that a lot has percolated since my last trip in 2014. They have started translating one of my books into Spanish and were extremely excited to receive A Closer Look at the Evidence which has already been translated and printed in Spanish. The 200 copies we were able to bring disappeared like water on a dry sponge with every teacher, school library, university student, pastor, and church leader receiving copies.

A collaboration of four extremely interested pastors (two from very large churches) and the vice president of one of the major universities are working together to plan how to best distribute the books through the Dominican.

Most Dominicans still have a strong belief in the Bible and Christianity but evolution being taught throughout the public education system is undermining this belief.  The plan is to fund the printing of the first 2000 copies of each book in the Dominican Republic and then the sales of these initial books will fund future printings. Ultimately tens of thousands of books on the evidence for Biblical creation could be distributed throughout the nation. We are planning the launch of the project in 2017 when I’ll have two creation books in Spanish available and be speaking at both school and public conferences to thousands of students.”

Pastor Fredrick W. Boyd’s  2016 Dominican Republic Report

The  2016 TOTALS from our service in the DR:

  • 1100 School Students  Served
  • 900 Church Members Served

The Grand Total served was 2150 in our 2016 work in the Dominican Republic, at the following cities:  Santo Domingo, Bani and Santiago, DR.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow!