About Us

The purpose of the Creation Evidence Expo is to display current scientific evidence that supports the conclusion that God created man. With the assistance of many volunteers, CEE, since 2005, has hosted an annual exposition that brings together scientists and theologians, providing evidence regarding questions such as the age of the earth, dinosaurs, natural selection and mutation, and other matters relating to the theory of biological evolution. The Expo is an informative and educational platform for science to speak truthfully. Creation Evidence Expo believes that no one should assume that the theory of evolution is fact, and that every individual should weigh the evidence with accuracy and prudence. At the expo, attendees explore the scientific evidence through presentations, books, audio and video instructional materials, and discussions.

We are believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We are committed to the truth of God and His divine design. We want all human beings to realize that God specifically designed each individual – without mistakes and not from animals! We value God’s Word which tells us specifically about His personal design for our lives, which creative design should not be undermined by the misinterpretation of scientific theory.

Pastor Fredrick W. Boyd, Jr.

The Senior Executive Director of the Creation Evidence Expo is pastor of Zion Unity Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana. Pastor Boyd and church, while focusing on evangelism and strengthening the saved, have served the homeless through the Good News Missions; ministered to those incarcerated through penal institutions mainly the Indiana Women’s Prison; and supporting home and foreign missionaries.

In 2006, the ministry of Creation Evidence Expo was begun after Pastor Boyd met creationist, Dr. Carl Baugh. Pastor Boyd

fred immediately saw that evolution has undermined the ability of countless individuals to trust in Christ for salvation since so many doubts against the Christ of creation have been planted through false teachings surrounding this theory. The Expo has permitted scientists and theologian

s to present evidence that reveals scientific and biblical truths of creation which counter the false aspects of the theory of evolution.

Since its inception, the ministry has supported scientific and theological creationists across the country and conducted “Expos on the Road”throughout Indianapolis and other cities in Indiana and in LaGrange, Kentucky. Other expos have been held in Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; and the Dominican Republic.

Pastor Boyd has been married to Elaine for 30 years, and has two children, Vanessa Washington of Montgomery, Alabama (Rufus) and Fredrick Boyd III.”