Are we as humans a product of random selection of some type?

Are we as humans a product of random selection of some type?


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. We are counting down to our fall Expo and we are very excited about our coming event, and the new materials that our presenters will be bringing this year. I’m excited about our Schedule of Events because we have events that are scheduled from the Dominican Republic to Yakama, Washington plus all of the Expo on the Roads that we are putting on this year.

            It’s true that God has a plan for us and it’s not for us to stand by and let the enemy keep spouting falsehood like Evolution to go unchallenged anymore. Our Goal is to bury Evolution in the not too distant future and we cannot do that by turning the other cheek, or by not being too controversial. We have to meet them where they are, in our schools, our churches, and in the media whenever we can!

            We need you to continue to pray for us as we go forward with this calling to strike at the heart of the enemy that we are facing. We can no longer be afraid to call the lie of Evolution the Lie that it is because that is what it is. We can no longer allow the Enemies tactic of saying the Christian community should not aggressively fight back because we want to put up a more dignified presence. We don’t want to be too offensive with our language we address them with or when we debate them, after all we are Christians! I’m tired of going into battle with these liars with one hand tied behind me! We need to stop coddling these Evolutionary thugs, and hit them in the mouth with Truth, the Evidence, and the Bible! We need to show them that the Bible is a great source of modern science.

            We, as the Christian Community need to Defend our Faith and Stand for the Truth, and Stand for the Evidence we have as a Christian Community, not a denominational Isolationist!

            We don’t deny that there are denominational differences and that is understandable, but the evidence of our Creator is not or should not be a denominational issue! The Evidence of a Grand Designer (God) is overwhelming!

            Take for instance the Human body. I had a conversation with Dr. Jay Wile who is a Nuclear Chemist and a Text Book AuthorDr. Wile is the author of 8 textbooks including: Exploring Creation with Chemistry • 2nd Ed, Exploring Creation with General Science • 2nd Ed, Exploring Creation With Marine Biology, Exploring Creation with Physics • 2nd Ed, Eco-Hysteria: A Scientist Examines the Environmentalist Movement, Exploring Creation with Biology, The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Reasonable Faith: The Scientific Case for Christianity.

            Now for our question of the day:

 Are we as humans a product of random selection of some type?

            I had a conversation with Dr. Wile and this is the sum of our conversation:  If the body was the product of random selection how is it that there are several types of bacteria that the body produces in certain places that it would be poisonous to (the body) if they were introduced to the body in a different place? Something like    E coli for instance.

            Our body depends on this bacterium to complete the digestive processes in our body, but if this bacteria is ingested through the mouth, it is a deadly poison to the human body.

            Dr. Wile explained to me that this is one of the proofs that there is a Designer behind our creation and it proves that we are not a product of random selection. He went on to say that there are about 1 Trillion human DNA cells in our body, but there are over 10 trillion bacterial cells that all come together to form the Human body. Of that 10 trillion bacterial cells, there are thousands of varieties of bacteria that all come together like a giant eco-system to form one human body along with the human DNA cells and other minerals.

Dr. Wile asked, “What are the odds that thousands of dangerous bacteria types could come together and work harmoniously together in a symbiotic fashion to form a colony that depends on each other to repeatedly do a specific task, in a specific place, and not invade another place in the body? Then work simultaneously with the human DNA cells to form a sentient being with intelligence, the will to choose, and reproduce this same eco-system repeatedly with remarkably consistent results. All the while keeping in mind that if they (the bacterium) are introduced in the wrong place it would destroy the whole colony (the body). What are the odds of this occurring naturally in nature through Random selection? Astronomical!”


It is virtually impossible for this to happen without a Designer (God) to work it out!


This is why we have to stand for the truth and logic of the evidence that is before us. There is a Designer that Created us, Molded us, Shaped us, Breathed His own breath into us, and devised a plan for each one of us.

He is the God of the Bible, the one who took on the form of man (in Christ Jesus), and became the perfect sacrifice for us and the Sin that separated us from Him (GOD)!

            So please come to our Creation Evidence Expo (CEE) in September to hear and see the evidence that  Genesis 1:1 is true! This is the foundation of CEE that we stand on. All of our efforts, and the evidence that we present support this claim. Our September Expo will start on Sept. 21 through Sept. 25, 2013 at the Life Center of Southport.

Our Creation Expo on the Road events will visit over sixty churches before the end of the year, and our Presenters are preparing new material for the upcoming year. If you would like for us to visit you at your organization or church, give us a call or leave a message on our website, we will be happy to set up a time and a place for CEE to visit you.

Our website:  or give us a call at 317-345-9072. Pastor Fredrick Boyd will be delighted to work with you and your organization to raise the awareness of your people on the evidence that shows that the Bible is true!

We are working hard behind the scenes to promote and lobby for the halting of the implementation of Common Core in our schools, and our Truth In Education proposal that we hope to become law in the 2014 Indiana Congressional year. We are working with the State Legislators from the House and Senate to make this happen. So join us in Prayer for our efforts to improve the education in our schools and to show the evidence that Genesis 1:1 is true: In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.

Remember It’s FREE to the public but not to CEE! We don’t charge anything; however we do accept a freewill offering to help support our efforts and we will bring along Books and DVDs, as tools to sell if you wish to purchase them.

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  • Stay posted we will keep you informed on our progress in the near future.
  • May God Bless and Keep you!
  • May you always stand on the Truth that Genesis 1:1 is true!