The Greatest Acheological Find of All History

The account of Noah and the massive ark he used to protect animals from the world restructuring deluge of 4300 years ago is viewed with fascination by all cultures around the world.   Yet it is widely presented as a cute children’s story and few people, even sincere Christians, understand its implications.  When Noah’s Ark is found, it will be the greatest archeological discovery of all time.  Finding an ancient wooden sea vessel, buried high on the permanently snowcapped Mt. Ararat, large enough to hold two of every basic type of land dwelling animal, would have the following implications:

Þ It would supplement and reinforce confidence in the ever-growing body of geological evidence that the entire

surface of our planet had been covered by water within the last 5000 years.

Þ It would provide an additional factual basis for the flood legends which are present within the oral history of

almost every human culture. These distorted accounts persist because the flood was reality.

Þ It would again confirm the reliability of the early Biblical record and recent origin of the human race.

Þ It would support the Biblical model that every land animal (including humans) descended from those animals

taken on the ark.

The discovery of Noah’s ark is yet to be confirmed by a qualified team of scientists, but many seemingly reliable sources have claimed to have seen it.1  Now that we have the ability to use satellites to see deep within ice sheets and identify objects locked within ice, I believe the ark will be definitively identified and unearthed within the next few years.

According to the Biblical text, Noah had almost 100 years to build the ark.  This enormous structure would have stood as a towering witness to the impending judgment of God.  Jesus not only referred to the flood of Noah as a fact of history, but tied his imminent return to a time when the state of affairs on earth would be similar to those at the time of Noah, i.e. widespread evil and apathetically living everyday life as if nothing would ever change.   But could there have been an even more obvious and tangible meaning to the words of Jesus? – “As it was in the days of Noah…so shall it be before the son of man returns.” (Matthew 24:37-39).

When the ark is found, could it once again be viewed as an enormous monument pointing toward impending judgment?  Jesus made it absolutely clear that he was returning the Earth a second time.  The first time Jesus came as a sacrificial Lamb to act as our priest – dying in our place so that we could come into the presence of God  (a God whom we have no ability to stand before on our own merits because He is both totally holy and totally just).  The second time Jesus will come as judge to wrap up this current age upon the Earth and end the horrendous bloodshed and evil which is again spreading across the globe at an accelerating rate.  The twentieth century was the bloodiest period of time ever recorded upon the Earth and there is every indication that current century will be far worse.

When Noah’s ark is found locked in ice at the top of one of the highest mountains upon the earth it will stand as literal, physical proof that the entire Earth had been flooded by water as judgment for mankind’s evil and sin.   Once found, this enormous structure will again testify to the impending judgment of widespread evil throughout humanity.  I pray that many who have not placed their faith in Christ will wake up and do so at that point because their window of opportunity to do so will rapidly be closing.  God never brings judgment without adequate warning because it is his desire is that none would choose to perish (2 Peter 3:9).  Noah’s Ark being found upon Mt. Ararat will indeed be the greatest archeological discovery of all time…but the implications extend far beyond archeology.

1. B.J. Corbin, The Explorers of Ararat, Great Commision Illistrated Books, 1999.