Are you ready for 2013?

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

Are you ready for 2013?

The Creation Evidence Expo (CEE) Is!

We have completed our 2012 year with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the 2013 year.

We have begun to actively lobby the State Legislators for our Truth in Education bill that we hope to become law in 2013. This is the second year that we have pushed for this proposal to become law in Indiana, and the climate couldn’t be better for the passage of this bill.

We need to regain control of our educational system and allow local school systems to regain some influence over the curriculum that is put forward in our schools and requiring that truth be a component of our educational system seems to be a no brainer to me!

We recently had a meeting with Senator Cruse and the new Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Indiana, Mrs. Glenda Ritz. We had a good conversation and we found a lot of common ground. We both believe that there should be more freedom for our local educators to expand their educational thrust or Teaching tools to allow more critical thinking in our classrooms. More discussion and more challenge to the students in our class rooms.

In Mrs. Ritz’s words I’m all for more freedom to educate our children in our class rooms!

We had a cordial but intense conversation over what our goals are, and I feel we found that we are on the same page with our mutual desires for the future of education in the Indiana School System.

We need to get the word out about the Truth in Education bill and get as much support as we can because the enemy is going to get out his spike shoes to dig in and appose what we are doing because the last thing they want is for truth to be mandatory in our educational system, or to have to defend the lies and propaganda that they have been presenting as truth!

Our definition of truth is simply: THE STATE OF BEING IN ACCORD WITH FACT AND REALITY!

Our enemies don’t want to interpret the facts in a rational and coherent fashion, nor do they want to look at reality in regard to the facts!

They want us to believe that the Earth was created 4.2 Billion years ago without any rational or accumulative evidence to prove their claim.

They want us to believe that dinosaurs died out over 60 million years ago in spite of the evidence that Dr. Schweitzer showed that a T-Rex fossil had soft tissue that couldn’t have been older than 150 years.

These Evolutionists want to ignore the Bible as historical evidence even though there are many verses that lead to scientific discoveries, and scientific statements of fact that were not discovered for thousands of years before they were discovered by modern science. (Our Expo on the Road program points these facts out).

We need to continue to hold our educational system to account for the dismal failure that we have in some of our school systems. If they fail to educate our students properly then the state should take them over with a goal of improving the educational experience that our children have as they progress through the system.

I spoke to Dr. Jay Wile about comparing our educational systems with Public Schools Private schools, and Home Schools. The sum of our conversation is that the home Schools are outperforming the others in higher educational forums across the board.

The following was taken from one of the articles on Dr. Wile’s web site:

Dr. Wile said: I try to keep up on all the latest research related to homeschooled students. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed a small study that was published in the summer 2008 edition of the Journal of College Admission. The study wasn’t done on homeschooled students; instead, it was done on community college admissions officers. The authors sent surveys to them, asking about their perceptions of homeschool graduates.

It examined the community college transcripts of 101 homeschool graduates and compared them to those of students who graduated from a traditional high school. The study found that both full-time and part-time homeschool graduates had significantly higher grade point averages (GPAs) than their peers. In addition, the study examined the results of the Texas Academic Skills Program, a test that all students who attend state-funded, post-secondary educational institutions in Texas are required to take. The test covers reading, writing, and mathematics. Once again, the homeschool graduates achieved significantly higher scores than their traditionally-schooled peers.

Dr. Wile said I think the most important result from the survey is best described in the authors’ own words:

All respondents either strongly agreed (45 percent) or agreed (55 percent) that they expected homeschooled graduates to be as successful academically as students who had graduated from an accredited high school”.

So while many of the universities didn’t have an official policy regarding homeschool graduates, and some didn’t even have procedures in place that allowed for the admission of such students, none of the admissions officers saw homeschooling as a disadvantage when it comes to college performance. Indeed, the authors of the paper quote one admissions officer as saying:

“Homeschooled students are as prepared or even better prepared for college academics as their high school graduate counterparts. Occasionally, socialization might be a concern but not very often”.

As we look at our goals for the Truth in Education legislation we must not forget that the primary goal of all educational programs is learning.

If the curriculum of the Home School students is consistently out-performing the public and private sector, it seems to me that there should be a movement to try to bring this same curriculum to public schools that are failing in our state. (Students will learn more).

We don’t need to experiment with some curriculum that may or may not work with certified teachers, when we have a system with a proven track record that is successful with non-certified instructors. It stands to reason that if we started certifying our teachers in this type of curriculum (instead of whole language and sight words) the students in the public schools may have a better result and a higher grade achievement plus possibly a higher graduation rate as an end result.

I wish that we could promote the faith element of this type of instruction to help form the character of the students but the lie of Separation of Church and State would kill the whole concept.

In the meantime this is an idea that is long overdue as an option for our children especially for the elementary grades K-6.

We can use your support plus you can spread the word about what is going on for our children. Check us out see if this is something that is worth promoting. You can reach me at the personal e-mail listed below.

Our website: or give us a call at 317-345-9072. We will be delighted to work with you and your organization to raise the awareness of your people on the evidence that shows that the Bible is true!

We are working hard behind the scenes to promote and lobby for the Truth In Education proposal that we hope to become law in the 2013 Indiana Congressional year. We are working with the State Legislators from the House and Senate to make this happen. So join us in our efforts to improve education in our schools and to show the evidence that Genesis 1:1 is true: In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.

Remember It’s FREE to the public but not to CEE! We don’t charge anything however we do accept a freewill offering to help support our efforts and we will bring along Books and DVDs, as tools to sell if you wish to purchase them.

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Stay posted we will keep you informed on this web site on our progress in the near future.

May God Bless and Keep you!

Respectfully Submitted:

Rev. Carl L. Kelley

Marketing Coordinator

Creation Evidence Expo

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