Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

It’s that time of year again! We are about to kick off the 2012 Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis.

We’ve had a very exciting year for our Team; we’ve had over forty two Expo on the Road presentations in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. We also had Expos in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Pastor Boyd is presently in the Dominican Republic with an Expo presentation.

We have spread the word that there is evidence to show that the Bible is true and that we are wonderfully made by God’s hand. Dr.  Jay Wile, Dr. John Whitcomb and Dr. Mark Waldo have done an excellent job of presenting the science that shows that there is an extreme intelligence behind our creation and to bring out many of the scientific principles that were written in the Bible thousands of years before scientists discovered them.

We are excited about the upcoming Fall Expo, September 22-26, 2012 at the Life Center of Southport, 4002 East Southport Road, Indianapolis. There you will hear the Presenters and see the exhibits that provide information in support of our effort to defend the truth pertaining to life origins and show the need to put truth back into our educational systems.

Now to our question of the day:

Should we rely on the accrediting process in our educational system to bring the truth out in education? The answer: No!

This may seem like a strange question to ask seeing that we all want our children to go on to higher education, and we require for that education to have some type of accreditation for which we will pay a lot of money for our children to attend a school that can provide these credentials.

The problem we have: Who Set the Standards for the accrediting agency? The answer is:  No Elected Official or Body! Presently, the accrediting agency is allowed to come up with its own standards and use a group of people who agree with them, called Peer Review Counsels. This is how evolution became the definition of the origin of man in our public schools and the dominant explanation for the origin of man.

We as creationists believe that we were made by God and that He created the universe almost 7000 years ago; the genealogies in the Bible set the timeline for that time frame. Evolutionists have absolutely no evidence to prove any part of their theories. They have put evolution forward as true and that God and creation aren’t real.

Evolutionists are believing in a lie, and they are in control of the curriculum in our schools; we are paying them to teach our children a lie that cannot be proven! Many people and parents are going into thousands of dollars in debt paying for an education that begins with a lie that cannot be proven in any way. We call this indoctrination in a lie, education.

This strikes extremely close to home when we look at the requirements of most churches that their Ministers have at least two years of college experience or a college degree in order to be ordained for church leadership.

This is strange to me, because the educational system is requiring Ministers to go through an educational system that teaches what the Bible states is either not true, irrelevant or mythical in its nature. Due to this, in the past three and a half years I have met many Pastors who don’t believe that the Bible is true or they feel that something other than God is responsible for creation. These are Pastors in major denominations, some of which have multiple degrees. They are teaching that the morality of the Bible is too restricting, or, that the lessons in the Bible are not relevant to today’s society. They also teach that the earth is millions of years old. THIS IS CALLING THE BIBLE A LIE! Yet this is what is being taught in our schools today.

We are requiring our Ministers to go through an educational process that is contrary to what is taught in the Bible; yet, we are expecting them to be able to lead people to Christ for their salvation, when there is a good chance that the Ministers may not believe that they have a soul to save because of the indoctrination they have received stating that the Bible is untrue, and that the lie of evolution is true.

This is the reality of the value or quality of education that is being given to our students. This indoctrination begins in the first grade and goes on from there.

How can we expect our Ministers to teach that Christ was raised from the dead, if they don’t believe that God created the Heavens, the Earth, and Man?

We need to address this issue by requiring our State Legislators to put Truth back into our educational system, starting with a definition of Truth. (This was reflected in an earlier newsletter).

Truth definition:

The state of being in accord with fact or reality!

All Accrediting agencies that ratify Indiana Schools, Collages or training facilities must incorporate these guidelines into their criteria in order to be used in the Indiana Educational System within five years or the next scheduled textbook replacement date after the passing of this measure into law!

Any theory that is presented in our educational system in Government, History,  science or biology must be able to present Scientific empirical evidence to support their claim, to present verifiable points that can be duplicated independently, and argued when challenged. All testing must focus on the verifiable truth and not an agenda. This will make a level playing field for those with new or an opposing viewpoint, theory, or new discovery.

No theory should be barred from discussion because of its controversial nature, or religious connotations. In order for a theory to be presented as true there must be a preponderance of the evidence that can be verified through a sequential empirical evidence gathering procedures, through critical analysis of the evidence, open challenge, discussion, or debate on the evidence that is presented in order to claim that their argument is true.

If the argument can’t be verified by this process, it must be presented as a theory, and not as truth. Some examples of evaluating methods are Historical, Archeology, Paleontology, laboratory analysis through DNA and other none biased formulations that can come to a consistent answer without guessing or fudging of the data to skew the answer to a desired end.

This process will bolster the critical thinking process, and enhance the learning process without totally revamping our educational system. We want our students to enhance their minds as they go through our educational system, and to develop the critical thinking skills that they will need to compete in a global society.

This process will truly put Truth back into our educational system!

I ask you again, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE TRUTH? Help us put truth back into our educational process!

If Indiana’s State Legislators step up and begin to set these guidelines for our educational system, we can begin to put some control of our educational systems back into the hands of the citizens of Indiana.

Right now we have no control of the curriculum in our schools and that needs to change!

We need to be able to hold someone responsible for the quality of the education in the schools of Indiana, and that starts with legislative guidelines that require steps like the ones listed above.

I want to take this time to thank you for reading this newsletter and to ask you to consider supporting the Creation Evidence Expo by becoming a family member or a partner by joining our effort with your membership or a donation to this cause of $50.00 or more. See Donate to CEE on the main web page: to make your Donation.

In addition to the Fall Expo at Southport, please join us in the ” STOP THE VIOLENCE RALLY” which will be held at the Statehouse, South Entrance, September 21, 2012, 12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m. We hope to see you at both events.  May God be with you until we meet again.

Respectfully Submitted:

Rev. Carl L. Kelley

Marketing Coordinator

Creation Evidence Expo

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