Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

Our 2012 season is well under way, and our Expo on the road lectures are being accepted all over the State and in some parts of Kentucky. We are reaching people and children on every level with the message that God created the heavens and the earth!

Three of our main instructors are Dr. John Whitcomb, Dr. Jay Wile, and Dr. Mark Waldo for this year.                                    Over the last few years it has been made abundantly clear that the biggest challenge that we have in educating our people is in getting our educational system to simply tell the truth. That may not sound like a big task but this is our biggest hurdle in our battle to get the facts about Creation put back into our educational system.  While getting Creation put back on the educational agenda is our goal, we must get our educational system to insist that truth is essential to getting our educational system away from indoctrination and getting them back to educating our people on the truth.

A good example of what I’m talking about is how our educational system teaches our children about our government. Most students that I come in contact with don’t know that the Bill of Rights was written to limit the power of the Federal Government, not to grant us rights! The First Amendment was written to prevent the government from infringing on the religious liberty of individual religious practices, and stop the Federal Government from starting a national religion that was controlled by the government. Under no circumstance did our forefathers mean for the religious community be prevented from influencing the practices and the integrity of our legislators. In fact the religious community was supposed to be the moral conscience of the legislators as they wrote our laws, as Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Ingersoll letter. If you read the letter in its entirety you will see that Thomas Jefferson never intended to separate the Church from the State.

Such misinterpretation by the secular community reads something into our Constitution that was never intended by our forefathers. We need to put truth back into our educational system so that we can regain control of the curriculum of our schools from elementary to our colleges.

Another more recent example of educators’ stifling the truth was written by Jonathon M. Seidl in THEBLAZ. When 13-year-old Jada Williams was given a copy of Frederick Douglass’ book “The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass,” she was so inspired that she decided to write an essay that drew a parallel between the abhorrent illiteracy in city schools and slavery. And she took aim at her teachers.

But that apparently is where she went wrong. The teacher took exception to the essay — which was supposed to be for a contest but her teacher refused to submit it for the contest, and even confronted her. According to her mother, that started a chain of hostility by the school — located in Rochester, NY — which eventually forced the mother to remove Jada from the school. (See Glenn Becks interview with Jada and her mother by searching Glenn Beck and Jada Williams’s interview). This is a perfect example of political correctness punishing the truth. This thirteen year old girl was punished for telling the truth about the horrible illiteracy rate among minority students in the city schools and she compared it to what happened during the times of slavery in our country by quoting word for word what Fredrick Douglass wrote. They never addressed the issue that she was talking about because they were guilty. They attacked her instead for quoting Fredrick Douglass’ usage of “White Teachers.” They drove her away from the school. They didn’t want to hear the truth!

This very thing is happening to students all over America to both white and minority students! This is not a racial issue! This is an issue of teachers failing to teach our students properly and they are blaming it on race.

For instance, if they taught our children to read using phonics instead of memorization we wouldn’t have as many functional illiterates coming out our schools.

This year we were working with our State Legislators to try to mandate that the accrediting agencies in the Indiana schools need to mandate that truth be an essential point in Indiana schools and that all test questions be based on the truth in our Science, Biology, History, and Government classes. With the aim of having our testing on all subjects based on what is verifiable in government, history, science, archeological discoveries, and libratory data in order to be on a test for grade. Our testing procedure should be based on truth and not agenda in order to prepare our students for a diploma or degree of any sort.

Truth needs to be a cornerstone of our educational system, not social engineering. Too much of what is taught in our schools is geared toward social-engineering of our society to a more socialist society model, rather than educating our children with the truth.

We need to return to educating our students with the truth, and to get away from the indoctrination that is going on now through these accrediting agencies.

This is a proposal to address the controversy that is going on with these accrediting agencies in our educational society in regards to the truth about certain subjects that are taught in our class rooms, and whether or not the facts support their argument, as to whether or not their supporting arguments can be presented as true, or the elimination of an argument just because the facts that support their argument lead them to a religious faith in those facts.

The facts and evidence should be able to stand on its own, regardless of its premise in developing a religious doctrine. The argument that teaching creation is teaching religion is bogus, because there are no denominational issues presented in the creation theory in the first eleven chapters of the Bible.

We did make some inroads with the legislature but we failed to get our proposal through the House of Representatives. This is going to be a hard fight but it’s a fight we can’t afford to bypass, because the future of our society depends on the outcome. You can’t win a battle that you don’t engage.

Right now we have a State Legislature that is more interested in the passage of a smoking ban in public places and supporting Planned Parenthoods support of the Girl Scouts and their abortion agenda, than giving control of our schools back to the people. This is not an exaggeration.

A law that could address this issue could be worded something like the example presented below:

Truth definition:

The state of being in accord with fact or reality!

All accrediting agencies that ratify Indiana schools, colleges or training facilities must incorporate these guidelines into their criteria in order to be used in the Indiana educational system within five years or the next scheduled textbook replacement date after the passing of this measure into law!

Any theory that is presented in our educational system in Government, History,  Science or Biology must be able to present scientific empirical evidence to support the claim, to present verifiable points that can be duplicated independently, and argued when challenged. All testing must focus on the verifiable truth and not an agenda. This will make a level playing field for those with new or an opposing viewpoint, theory, or new discovery.

No theory should be barred from discussion because of its controversial nature, or religious connotations. In order for a theory to be presented as truth there must be a preponderance of the evidence that can be verified through a sequential empirical evidence gathering procedures, through critical analysis of the evidence,  open challenge, discussion, or debate on the evidence that is presented in order to claim that the argument is true.

If the argument can’t be verified by this process, it must be presented as a theory, and not as truth. Some examples of evaluating methods are historical, archeology, paleontology, labratory analysis through DNA and other non- biased formulations that can come to a consistent answer without guessing or fudging of the data to skew the answer to a desired end.

This process will bolster the critical thinking process, and enhance the learning process without totally revamping our educational system. We want our students to enhance their minds as they go through our educational system, and to develop the critical thinking skills that they will need to compete in a global society.

This process will truly put Truth back into our educational system!

I ask you again, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE TRUTH? Help us put truth back into our educational process!

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